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Foundation Course 

This course is designed for those who want to improve their health by taking control over their health and wellness, however feel that the intensity of a 1-2-1 session might not be for them, or maybe you already have some knowledge and just want to learn more.

The course focuses on the connection between the gut and the brain covering specific areas of focus on such as 'Gut Health', 'Anxiety' or Sleep. Each session will take you through an introduction to the topic, through to managing a healthier and more balanced diet and lifestyle choices, all while explaining the science and research behind why these solutions can truly help and make a difference.  katie also covers how to set your own goals and targets, and how you can map out a programme to achieve these.

What The Course Covers:

  • Introduction to topic.

  • Classic symptoms and problem areas.

  • Why these are happening.

  • Case study examples.

  • How nutrition can help

  • Step by step solutions

  • The research explained

  • Tips and tricks.

  • Goal setting.

  • How to maintain for the future.

How it Works:

Katie's Foundation Courses are very easy and simple to do.  Once you are confident that the course is right for you, then all you need to do is register your interest below and when the course is live you will be sent a link to purchase and download.  You will then receive the course in full and be able to complete in your own time.  We will be on hand for support and any questions you may have via email throughout so don't worry, you aren't alone on your journey to better health!  

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