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About Katie.

Katie decided to completely rethink her calling after a second diagnosis of cancer.  She realised that her lifestyle choices were a huge barrier to her healing, and decided to make a drastic change that resulted in her quitting her job and enrolling in the highly respected ION course for 4 years.  During this period she not only completely transformed her own health, but discovered her total passion and aptitude for a natural and organic approach to total wellbeing.

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My promise to you.

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"I'm living proof that changing your lifestyle to be more natural and balanced can make a huge impact, not just on health but your life as a whole.  I live by what I preach and am truly passionate about getting to the root of an issue to find a solution, not just focusing on the symptom which masks the underlying root cause. Our body and minds are intrinsically linked, and by taking a holistic review of both it allows me to understand and explore all possible avenues that might be hindering your health journey to greatness.


I believe there is no set way for everyone to achieve the best version of themselves. Wellness is not one size fits all – it’s personalised."

What this means for you.

Katie's vision is to give people a better understanding around the truly dramatic impact that nutrition and lifestyle choices can have on their health, and give you the power to take back control over your health, in order to make a real change and difference.  She works with you in an approach that suits you, be it very hands on or arms length, but always without judgement. 

Today there is a wealth of information regarding your health at your fingertips, but this can feel overwhelming. Katie strips it back to basics and gives you small, achievable steps that can be easily integrated into your life and make a big impact on your health and happiness.


When working with Katie you will also have access to her "little black book" of trusted complimentary holistic practitioners who she works alongside making sure every area of your wellbeing is taken care of.  

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