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Top Tips &
Quick Wins


Natural products, Plant foods, techniques and bio hacks that you can integrate into your life easily.  Once you’ve made the swap you can forget about it safe in the knowledge that you’ve taken another step towards a healthier environment for your body and mind.  The same goes for our mental health, simple techniques you can keep in your “mental health tool kit”, helping you take action in real life situations.

Almond Milk

Plant milks

Check the ingredients label on plant milks, whether it be almond, oat or soya. All there should be is the main ingredient (e.g almonds), water and sea salt. Watch out for added inflammatory oils and emulsifiers.
My favourite brand is Plenish


Green Tea


Loaded with antioxidants such as EGCG that help improve brain function, protect against cancer and lower the risk of heart disease. It has less caffeine than coffee and black tea so can be a better option if you suffer from anxiety. For an everyday easy drinking try Pukka’s supreme matcha green organic.


Eating out dairy
or meat free

Take the stress out of eating out - simply call or email the restaurant in advance, ask for a copy of the menu. If there is nothing you fancy, ask if they will adapt a dish for you? 100% of the time they have said yes when I’ve asked. Remember you are making the chefs life easier giving them time to prepare in advance ☺

Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 13.43.25.png

ILA face oil

ILA are one of my favourite British brands, based in the Cotswolds. This oil is SO yummy, the list of ingredients are natural, minimal and minimally processed. It’s organic, clean and vegan and I love their philosophy and intent to create products that nurture the soul as well as the skin.

Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 13.45.09.png

Gut friendly sauces

Gluten, dairy and sugar free

So many shop bought sauces are full of processed ingredients. I love these BellyGoodness sauces packed full of veggies with no added nasties. Free from most common allergens and vegan as well.


1 minute
anxiety relief

Try this real-time anxiety hack next time you’re feeling anxious. It’s called the physiological sigh and makes the body feel more relaxed and slows your heart rate. Take two consecutive inhales followed by a long exhale with an audible sigh.  Repeat 3 times.

Coffee with Sugar

Are artificial sweeteners healthy?

The latest research shows that artificial sweeteners may negatively alter the balance of bacteria in your gut. There is also evidence to show that your brain interprets the sweetness as sugar which could make worse to any existing sugar cravings.

Glasses of Water

What’s really
in our water?

Well let’s take a look at the list of chemicals that have been found in our water supply– chlorine, lead, chemical fertilisers, pesticides, hormones, weed killers, heavy metals, industrial solvents, car emissions to name a few… in my opinion….a good water filter is a great way to reduce the toxic burden on our bodies. I love these Black + Blum bottles…pretty and functional.

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