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Business Consultancy


Katie now offers a bespoke nutritional consultancy service for luxury hotels and restaurants that ensures a consistent elevated food and drink offering for all client needs.


With an increase in the wellness industry by 30% since 2020, people are more and more invested with their personal wellbeing, health and nutrition.  In the last 3 years alone, veganism has grown by 700%, with many other lifestyle choices or intolerances and allergies on the increase too.


It is therefore even more important than ever that hotels and restaurants ensure that their food and drink offer is as diverse as their clients’ needs - and for the luxury industry especially, this needs to not just be an alternative choice, but an exceptional one.

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With a passion for both food and travel, Katie has spent the past 10 years feeling frustrated with the lack of culinary options available to her plant based diet time and time again.  Taking her expert knowledge on nutrition and specific dietary requirements, and twinned with her 16 years perviously working in high end catering and hospitality, she is making it her mission to improve food and drink options within the luxury hospitality industry.


“I really understand the inner workings of the kitchen - the operational processes, the pressures and frustrations of the chefs, and more-so the exactly demands of clients.  Having spent many years working with ultra high net worth individuals with an array of very specific dietary requirements, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of quality of service, consistency and accuracy.  It is this that brings clients back again and again - food can make or break an event or holiday."

Consultancy Services:

  • Full analysis and consultancy for all F&B services in the hotel, restaurants, bars, mini bars, room service, reception, channels of communication throughout the hotel in regards to allergens and medical info on reservation. 

  • Menu options / development: reviewing existing menus, and kitchen ingredients to create alternative options for multiple diets

  • Sourcing alternative products (vegan / gluten free etc) locally. 

  • Menu labelling 

  • The easy win breakfast buffet – quick wins and easy swaps that don’t affect other Clients

  • The benefits of creating set menus for common allergens.  This avoids 'leaving it to chance’, removes risk of error and really makes the client feel valued

  • External communication - how to communicate options to the general public and which online partners to work with. 

  • Internal communication - operations and internal channels

  • Staff training 

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Benefits to your business

By creating a menu that is accessible, nutritional, and considered, you will be providing food that goes beyond just meeting a client’s dietary requirement - but is also satisfying, filling, healthy, and most importantly delicious.


And by doing this, you will ensure client loyalty, ease your back of house pressures in advance, adopt a forward thinking approach that puts you at the forefront of the wellness industry, and increase positive PR for your business.

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